Silent Hill Downpour

What separates a good game from a poor one? Of course, games plagued by software bugs are generally considered poor. I recently reviewed Amy, a throughly broken horror game, and its problems are quite clear. But what about games that do not have obvious glitches? The type of game that you dislike even though there’s […]


I completed Amy this evening and wrote a short review. It’s short because there’s not much to say about Amy. I’m a pretty talkative guy and beyond the few paragraphs linked to here, I have nothing of value to contribute about this game. (It’s really bad)

Slash and Burn

I have written before about how product marketing for video games and everything else appears to be driven by enormous, autonomous, self-propelling machines. Huge apparatuses, employing hundreds of people, designed to pounce on any work that catches the fancy of the public, capitalize upon it, and keep it at the forefront of public consciousness until […]