Siren 2 Video

Sony has released an annoyingly short video teaser of Siren 2. There’s very little to see but it still looks awesome, and the end of the video reports that the game will be out this winter. That rocks.

RE5 Movie has an extremely short trailer available for Resident Evil 5. All the scenes from the shot below are in it, though it’s still really short.

Resident Evil 5 Announced

Resident Evil 5 has been announced by Capcom. The game will be released for the PS3 and Xbox360. There are no details yet, just a collection of screens (now hosted here). I’ve seen some scans from Famitsu or some similar magazine, but I can’t find versions large enough to actually read. If I can get […]

Have Some Features

Now that I got my features section working for my most recent article, I decided to upload a bunch of other stuff I’ve written in the last few years. Among other things I’ve added an in-depth review of D2 and a rant about the weirdest game ever. I’d like to write stuff like this on […]

Designing Characters to be Scared For

I’ve written a new Feature about character design in horror games called Designing Characters to be Scared For. Here’s an excerpt: By selecting a macho super-soldier as the lead character, the game designer forces himself to invent situations where even this highly trained mercenary is defenseless. For example, Resident EviIs giant snake monsters, colossal Tyrant […]

Random IGN updates

I surfed over to for the first time in a long while today (it’s a scary, commercialized place that I do not recommend visiting often), and I noticed two cool things: new screens of The Suffering: Ties That Bind and some information on the upcoming Silent Hill movie. Sorry for the lack of updates […]

Ju-Rei: The Conventional

I watched Ju-Rei last night (Japanese title is actually kuro jurei (), lit. “black vengeful ghost”), which is a Japanese horror film by Koji Shiraishi. This movie is only interesting because it is like a catalog of Japanese horror movie elements, mostly ripped from much better films like Ring and Juon. The movie unfolds in […]

What I Learned About China

Beijing is one big motherfucking city. My stomach is not entirely capable of parsing the language of Chinese food (though it all tastes very good). People who drive in Beijing, with few exceptions, are certifiably insane. What they don’t tell you about the Great Wall is that it is freaking steep at places. It basically […]