4 thoughts on “Siren 2 Video

  1. Yeah, I’m excited for this game….the first one really gave me the creeps. Do we know yet if the game will be played through several people’s eyes again or will there only be one playable character?

  2. Yep. A whole bunch of characters can be played…and killed off really quickly….again!

    There’s also a dog in certain sequences which, I’m pretty sure, you can use to send ahead and use as a scout (using sightjack on him). But I don’t think the dog is playable.

    Oh and I’m pretty sure the blind girl makes a reappearence (she’s seen washed up on the shore in the original trailer)

  3. Yeah, this is the sequel to Forbidden Siren (though they’ve finally dropped the stupid Forbidden bit for the PAL release….YAY!)

    As for a PAL/Euro release I heard that it’s coming out in late Winter, though I wouldn’t hold your breath…

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