Some Videos

Here’s a couple of videos I’ve come across lately: Some super alpha handicam vid of Sadness actually running. I think that this footage is legit; that black box on top of the guy’s TV is a Wii dev kit (I used to have the same kind on my desk), and the footage looks like prototype-level […]

Heavy Rain is a horror game?

Kotaku is reporting that with some new footage from Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, it’s been revealed that the game is a horror game. This is fantastic news because Quantic Dream’s stuff is awesome and Heavy Rain has sounded extremely promising from day one. I really enjoyed their last game, Indigo Prophecy, and finding out that […]

Dementium: The Annoying

I’m on vacation at the moment (cooling my heels in Southern California on the beach) and trying to catch up on my DS gaming. I’m like three Phoenix Wright versions behind, and my friends are already on their second play-through of The World Ends With You. I tried to play some more of Dementium: The […]

Holy Crap, 5 Years!

Holy crap, this site has been up for five years! My first post was on August 6, 2003, which on Wednesday of this week will have been exactly 5 years ago. Damn, it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed, but the blog archive proves it. It also shows that I’ve managed to post […]