6 thoughts on “Heavy Rain is a horror game?

  1. That is absolutely fantastic news, Fahrenheit was a superb game and the only bad thing in the entire game was the unfortunate lack of interactivity during the sex scene (an analogue stick based performance would’ve made it one of the best/funniest moments in gaming history).

    This news fills me with tingly happiness, my favourite genre gets touched by the makers of one of the most fun and original games of all times that had the most natural feeling contol mechanics ever. After playing it i questioned why every other game doesn’t play in the same way… but only for a little while

  2. Pazazu, there was an interactive sex scene in Fahrenheit (I think it was cut out of the NA version).

    It happens during the scene in Lucas’ apartment when his ex-girlfriend comes to collect her stuff. If you choose the option to kiss her at the right time (I think it’s just before she leaves after playing the guitar) then It will continue on from there…

    Unintentional hilarity ensues!

    And the news of Heavy Rain having horror elements (though I really don’t expect it to be a horror title in the traditional sense) is great! Fahrenheit had some really creepy moments here and there.

  3. Ha ha ha! Really?

    That’s ace, the lack of interactivity during the Lucas and Carla scene left me thinking “why no button prompts?” but i guess they were saving that for a semi-hidden moment of greatness. Thanks for that, you’ve just given me a whole new reason to play the game through again.

    And that little ol’ Heavy Rain footage looks marvelous. Seems like it might contain the beautifully lonely and desperate feelings of Fahrenheit and you can’t help but love something that creeps you out even though it’s happening during the day.

  4. I beg to differ about the Indigo game….I understand the idea behind it (hell…the developer comes out at the beginning and gives his explanation ) but really…While it did START out great ,it quickly turned into tedious crap…I do NOT want to look for drinking glasses for chats with the neighbor….And even WORSE was the ‘action’ scenes….I was so busy tapping out the Merlin (or Simon or whatever that game was called ) style color beeps/patterns…that you miss the giant ghost bug fights or whatever…The Last Straw for me was the “autopsy scene…” You have to tap out these increasingly complex patterns,so that the coronr will TELL YOU the details you need to know…!?!
    In other words,the more you pay attention to something else,(button mashing for example )the more info you get about the story….

    Heavy Rain looks so great…But if this trend in button tap-a-long keeps up…I’m giving up …

    ‘Dragon’s Lair’ tried it….Took in a LOT of other people’s quarters…But after about a dollar,I knew it wasn’t for me …And these ‘mini game’ gimmicks are getting outta hand…

    A WHOLE game of this crap?

  5. I could tell it was a horror game from just watching the trailer. Especially, when she went in that house and the window shut by itself… yeah, that stuff never happens in games that aren’t horror themed. I have to say, Indigo Prophecy was awesome! Can’t wait for Heavy Rain!

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