Nanashi No Geemu Impressions

My train ride to work only takes 30 minutes, but it often feels much longer. I ride Denentoshi-sen, a line that runs from Shibuya all the way down into Yokohama, and has the unfortunate distinction of being Japan’s second-most crowded train line. Even a a short ride like mine is exhausting when you spend the […]


Last year my network of horror-aficionado friends started talking about a hard-to-find Spanish film called REC. The few reviews available were stellar, and I was intrigued with the idea of a Blair Witch-style film about zombies (as I mentioned in my Cloverfield review, the handicam approach to horror seems to be pretty viable). But, as […]

Horror Games Extinct Due to Evolution?

Jim Sterling has an interesting article over at Destructoid called How Survival Horror Evolved Itself Into Extinction. In it he argues that as games have become more technically advanced, the key features that made PS1- and PS2-era horror games scary have been, well, fixed. Sterling talks about the difficulty of having to deal with awkward […]

Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

The Resident Evil 5 demo went live on Xbox Live today, but only for residents of Japan. Luckily enough, I happen to now be a resident of Japan, and I’ve put a little time into the demo (if you live in another country you’ll have to wait, but if you are adventurous you could try […]