Dilapidated Fight Club

I finished Condemned 2: Bloodshot yesterday evening and I’ve just posted a review. It’s a pretty good game, and at some points it’s absolutely brilliant, but I found the story and level progression to be a bit random and unfocused. Still, the Condemned series represents an example of how horror games can diverge from the […]

Wait, wasn’t this thing cancelled?

It’s E3 time again, and there’s been a few blips on the horror game radar. Of particular note is the tons of press that Resident Evil 5 has been getting, even though it’s not due out until next year. There’s also a little video of water physics from tech demo / horror game Hydrophobia. And […]

In real life, I work on virtual life

I don’t like to post very much about my personal life; this isn’t a personal blog and I’m not really a fan of putting personal information on the internet. But on the other hand, I suppose that my thoughts might be more interesting to read if I talk a little more about myself. Plus, I […]

Hellnight Walkthrough!

I’ve had many, many requests for a walkthrough for Dark Messiah, aka Hellnight, a fantastic first-person horror game for PS1. I recently posted a review of this great game and as a result received even more requests for a walkthrough. Well, in response to that post, one dedicated reader named Rob decided to actually sit […]