Hellnight Walkthrough!

I’ve had many, many requests for a walkthrough for Dark Messiah, aka Hellnight, a fantastic first-person horror game for PS1. I recently posted a review of this great game and as a result received even more requests for a walkthrough. Well, in response to that post, one dedicated reader named Rob decided to actually sit down and write a complete guide to beating the game with Naomi. On top of the walkthrough text himself, Rob also produced a complete set of annotated maps for the game, which is extremely helpful for a game like this.

Read the walkthrough here! Also, if you have no idea what this Hellnight stuff is about, here’s a pretty good write-up about the game.

10 thoughts on “Hellnight Walkthrough!

  1. Man, it’s really good to see some love out there for this game. A few years back (when I found it as an obscure rental), you couldn’t find anything on it.

    Thanks to all!

  2. Awesome!

    Pretty much puts what I had going to shame, really. (Plus, I had only gotten up to the Livestock area.) Might as well give up on that. Great job, Rob.

  3. Is the game even available anymore? I’d love to try it out–your review got me all excited about it.

  4. Nah, it was released in ’99 on a really limited run. You can find a copy on eBay sometimes though.

  5. Good work. This will perhaps also free me from the requests for a walkthrough that have been emailed to me over the years because I have a review for it up at gamefaqs 🙂

    I still have a nice map of the Conversion Room section which kind of integrates both the upper and lower levels. I remember being proud of making that. It was the key for me to beating that last section of the game with all the conveyer belts, etc.

  6. Thanks guys!

    I’d like to note that just because I made this walkthrough, doesn’t mean it’s finished.
    So, by all means, don’t stop working on anything you’ve started.
    What I wrote is actually very incomplete when you consider the entire content of the game (i.e.: Different people you can team up with for possible alternate endings, more people to talk to, more rooms to explore, any secrets/easter eggs I may have missed, etc.)
    There is much more to this game than I’ve written in that walkthrough, there are plenty more blanks to be filled in.
    This isn’t a reason to stop/not start your own Hell Night projects/walkthroughs, it’s a reason to keep them going!

    Also, great job on organizing and putting the walkthrough up Chris, it looks so much better than the way I had it typed up!

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