Sucks to be Europe

This just in from The Magic Box: Capcom is considering releasing Resident Evil Outbreak for PS2 in Europe without online support, the game may be presented with only offline modes. The reason is due to technical problems on the difference between the network systems used in Europe and the other two territories.

Resident Evil Outbreak

The Magic Box has posted new images of Resident Evil Outbreak. I played a four-player version of this game at E3 this year, and despite some minor network problems the demo looked excellent.

New game

I’ve added Kyoufu Shimbun Heiseiban Kaiki! Shinrei File to the database, along with all the info about the game that I’ve been able to find.

Audio Atrocities

Thank the lord for this site. Audio Atrocities ranks games by terribleness of voice acting (and even includes samples of the worst offenders)! Resident Evil is #2. Found on Slashdot Games.

The Horror of Horror Movies

I am not sure what it is about the Survival Horror genre that attracts film makers. Most horror games are heavily influenced by cinema anyway, which might make people who produce films comfortable. Regardless, I think it is important to remember that there has never, ever been a good movie made based on a video […]

Operator’s Side

I’ve added Operator’s Side to the database. This game looks pretty cool because it requires the player to use voice input (similar to Seaman). I am not really sure how this works in the game, but when I get more information I’ll be sure to post it.