No Cure for Obscure 2

I finished Obscure 2 last night. It was not good. You should not play this game. I wrote a review with details if you are interested. OK, ok, I’ll provide a little more context. Obscure 2 is a game that cuts its own throat with a terrible plot and asinine characters. It’s got the right […]

Games-As-Products Part 2: Theories

In the last post I talked about how game reviewers often approach their reviews of games as if the games are consumer products. They evaluate each feature in isolation from the others, and at the end assign a score based on some attempt to objectively determine the “quality” of the game. This is in stark […]

The Games-as-Products Reviewer Mindset

What if you opened up the paper one day and read a review for a new book that went like this: “This book was printed on the new XBS series of printers, and you can really see the improvement in quality of the words on the page. The font is crisp and easy-to-read, and the […]

Trickle of Dead Island Info

Every six months or so another tiny morsel of information about open world zombie-in-the-tropics game Dead Island shows up. It’s been about six month since the last drop, so here’s some new screen shots.

Nanashi No Geemu

I have to admit that the first information I heard about Square’s new handheld DS game, ナナシノゲエム (“Nanashi no Geemu,” lit. “Nameless Game” or “Game with No Name”), left me intrigued but skeptical. Now that the official trailer has been posted, I’m in all out excitement mode. The concept is simple, and quite Japanese: you’re […]