I sleep now!

Holy crap this has been a crazy month! First a bunch of stuff happened at work, then I got on some planes and flew around the country, then I came back and got in my car and drove all over Northern California, then I moved all of my belongings to a new place, and now […]

Chris’ E3 2006 Report

This year I was prepared for E3 to suck. E3 2005 was a horrific experience: not only was there a huge dearth of good games, developers seemed to make up for it by increasing their reliance on digital booty (and not-so-digital booth babes) to draw attention to their games. There was almost nothing interesting on […]

Chris’ E3 2005 Report

This year the buzz at E3 was predictably the next generation console lineup. The Xbox360 actually had playable demos, Sony showed some pre-rendered movies about the PS3, and Nintendo talked about hardcore backwards compatibility. The conversations in front of the $8 pretzel stand were invariably about whether or not Sony had out-hyped Microsoft, and whether […]

Chris’ Post-E3 2004 Impressions

The Show This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo made it clear that the current generation of console hardware has been conquered. The graphical quality of almost everything at the show was excellent: Devil May Cry 3, Prince of Persia 2, DOOM 3, Metal Gear Solid 3, even the new Crash Bandicoot game had some pretty awesome […]

Chris’ E3 2003 Report

NOTE: I originally wrote this for my friends and co-workers. It is consequently much rougher than subsequent reports. Also, some of my predictions were wrong; TMNT was NOT a good game, and Rise to Honor turned out better than I gave it credit for. Here is some cool stuff I saw at E3. Almost all […]


Developer: WARP Publisher: Sega Released: 2000 Platform: Sega Dreamcast Region: America D2 is a very odd game. On one hand, Kenji Eno and WARP have masterfully grafted classic RPG game elements on to a 3D third-person survival horror adventure game. On the other hand, their creation suffers from several fundamental design flaws that prove both […]

Dementium: The Ward–Touch Screen Horror!

Thanks to Kotaku for this post about Dementium: The Ward, a new horror game for the Nintendo DS. It looks pretty good (especially considering how well other non-horror adventure games have turned out on that system), and I’m really happy to see people exploring horror themes on a handheld. I’ll definitely pick this up when […]

Feature: When Pundits Attack

The internet has been lit up lately by a bunch of people posting their opinions about video games. Actually, I guess it’s that way all the time, but lately the specific question being asked is: ‘does quality matter?‘. As next gen prices rise and making a profit gets harder, developers and their marketing departments are […]