Dementium: The Ward–Touch Screen Horror!

Thanks to Kotaku for this post about Dementium: The Ward, a new horror game for the Nintendo DS. It looks pretty good (especially considering how well other non-horror adventure games have turned out on that system), and I’m really happy to see people exploring horror themes on a handheld. I’ll definitely pick this up when it comes out.

In related news, Touch the Dead, another zombie-themed DS game, is really goddamn hard. A good friend got a copy and we’ve been unable to beat the first level!

Update: Here’s a pretty good interview with the developer of The Ward, Renegade Kid. They are confident that survival horror will work on the DS without much trouble. I am looking forward to this game a lot.

5 thoughts on “Dementium: The Ward–Touch Screen Horror!

  1. I saw some images of this game in some magazine, but I totally forgot the name! Thanks for the reminder!

    As for TTD, I haven’t heard anything about a UK release at the mo. Which is really unfair considering the great hands-on reviews I’ve read.

  2. It’s not that hard. you just need to get the rhythm between shooting and reloading, and you wont get hit much. but even if you do get hit a bit, you should still be able to pass the first level at least

  3. I might just suck. I tried it a few times but I died. The reload mechanic seems unnecessarily arduous.

  4. Dementium: the Ward looks great! I’ve been waiting for the chance to play my DS without feeling embaressed.

  5. i dunno the ward looks okay, but no were near as proffsional looking as hotel dusk or another code.

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