Silent Hill PSP Announced… sort of

Thanks to Kotaku for posting a note about Konami’s announcement of a Silent Hill game for PSP. Only, it turns out it’s not really a game so much as a bunch of media related to the series. Sounds like basically a fan site on UMD. What a let down. Silent Hill Experience (working title) Release […]


The MagicBox has more screens from Siren 2. This game is going to rock. Also, Rule of Rose now has an official site (in Japanese) with some pretty neat gameplay movies. This game has been out in Japan for about a week now, but it’s not yet been announced for release in Europe or America.

My Eyes! What did you do to my eyes!?

A while back I watched The Eye, a Chinese movie directed by brothers Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang, about a woman who has surgery to restore her eyesight and also ends up with the ability to see ghosts. Despite its promising first half, The Eye pretty much fell apart at the end, which was […]

History of Japanese Horror Cinema

My recent article on Japanese horror attempted to explain horror in Japan by examining some details of the Japanese culture. Nicholas Rucka takes a different approach in his fascinating article The Death of J-Horror?: he describes in some detail the history of Japanese horror cinema and why the current boom isn’t likely to survive indefinitely. […]

Silent Hill Poster Viewer

This morning I decided to browse some of the entries for the Silent Hill Poster Contest, but I found that a gallery isn’t provided on Sony’s site. So I wrote a very simple script to display the entries. There appear to be around 2000 entries at the moment, though I think it’s safe to assume […]

NEW FEATURE: Chris’ Guide to Understanding Japanese Horror

I’ve finally posted a new feature, Chris’ Guide to Understanding Japanese Horror. This article is a detailed look at Japanese horror within the context of Japanese culture. I attempt to explain how horror from Japan works on a very general level, and how the mechanics of Japanese and American horror differ. Here’s an excerpt: The […]


I’m back in the U.S. this evening, struggling to stay awake long enough to negate horrific jet lag. To that end, I spent much of the afternoon trying out the rather obscure (mostly Japan-only) games I picked up last week. Here are some quick impressions: Michigan is a strange game told from a first person […]