My Eyes! What did you do to my eyes!?

A while back I watched The Eye, a Chinese movie directed by brothers Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang, about a woman who has surgery to restore her eyesight and also ends up with the ability to see ghosts. Despite its promising first half, The Eye pretty much fell apart at the end, which was really too bad. But since the first part was pretty good, I was willing to give the Pang brothers a second chance.

After watching The Eye 10 (it’s actually only the third in the series), I have to say that the Pang brothers are now completely out of chances. They’ve blown it more completely than I could have imagined. The Eye 10 isn’t just a bad movie, it’s an absolutely atrocious movie. It’s so bad that I don’t even want to talk about it (not that the story makes any goddamn sense, mind you). It’s probably in the top five worst films I have ever seen, edging out the likes of Boa vs Python and I Come in Peace. Ok, so Alone in the Dark (which I saw last year) and Ju-Rei (which I also reviewed) were probably worse, but it’s pretty close. I’d say this movie gives St. John’s Wart a run for it’s money on the “what were they thinking?” index.

Don’t see The Eye. But if you do, DO NOT see The Eye 10. Never again, Pang brothers!

7 thoughts on “My Eyes! What did you do to my eyes!?

  1. I really liked The Eye, but yeah, it was like watching two different movies, and the very end with the traffic jam was turbo lame.

    The Eye 2 is pretty bad, and I can’t imagine what The Eye 10 must be like. Sorry man.

  2. Only seen the first “The Eye” movie. I liked it, but yea, the end wasn’t really good. Still a nice film overall

  3. I rented The Eye from the video store last year sometime. It was a decent flick, but I agree, it really turned into a piece of crap near the end.

    I don’t think I would really want to see The Eye 10 anyway… usually if sequels reach that far, there’s not much reason to watch because the writers are trying to milk the story for all it’s worth (Jason X is a perfect example).

  4. well im not much into Japanese or prettymuch any foregin films just cuz i dont friggin understand the language or the point and i hate to read subs. But anyway it seems that every Japanese movie you talk about is either total shit or mediocare shit so i dont think im missing out on anything. Especially after watching Double vision on dvd. it wos ok at the beginnin but only for a litle while.lateron everithing turned to shit. i wos so bored i wos begging for the thing to end.And i watched it to the end only cuzi had payed for it.Anyway could u recomend any good japanese films so i could “see the light”? And i wanted to ansk jall howd u like the res evil movie? i mean everyone says its so bad it will fuck up jer dvd player if u play it but when i wacthed it i friggin fell in love! its now my favorite zombie movie and overall its in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. so if i like that kind of shit do u think i will like the aitd movie too?

  5. Wow, what a B movie. I actually have it on vhs, its so bad that its almost good in a funny way. You definitely have to ask yourself what they were smoking when they wrote that movie up 🙂

    It almost seemed like the director of the original Eye movie spent his whole budget on the final scene. Thats not to say the movie was bad before that part. You have to give the Pang brothers some credit for making some frightful scenes (ie elevator scene and calligraphy scene – but both are the same kind of scared you get if a cat jumped at you)

    My biggest downside to the movie was when Ying Ying dies I couldnt feel bad because I was to busy being confused. Looks like a boy, thought was a boy for most of movie, then find out its a girl!

    I personally haven’t seen Eye 10 and have no intention to. However the first Eye movie I saw was The Eye 2 and I found it better then the original, but thats my opinion.

    The Eye 2 was a completely different experience then the first and had its moments as well. However it suffers fatal flaws as well: A protagonist that ends up in the hospital almost every scene (just got repetitive) and once again mid way though the movie they wrecked it by tying everything into Buddhist belief which detracts from the scares. Heck if its there religion to have ghosts around then who am I to argue.

    Both movies are good but not great.

    ps If you want to add 1 movie that will be in your top 5 worst movies Chris, go see Ultraviolet.

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