Updates Progress

Thanks to you guys, I got my ass in gear today and added a bunch of games to the database. Here’s what’s gone in today: Quest Games: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Dino Crisis Escape from Bug Island (ouch, 33%!) F.E.A.R. Obscure 2 Silent Hill 5 The Darkness Close Call Games: Dino Crisis 2 Dino Crisis 3 […]

Database Maintenance

As I am sure the regulars of this site are aware, I am way, way behind on my database maintenance. Part of the reason is that adding new games to the list is always controversial, and another part of the reason has to do with the crazy busy schedule I’ve had lately. But the biggest […]

Sex and Death: Symbolism in Silent Hill 2

Let me take a moment to recommend this facinating article about symbolism in Silent Hill 2. The author picks apart the characters, the locations, and the plot of the story to show how we can interpret each as a manifestation of the protagonist’s particular psychological problems. Really well throught out and worth a read. In […]

0rigins Hands On

Kotaku has some hands-on impressions of Silent Hill: 0rgins for PSP. They seem to like it in their “everything is flawed” sort of way. The good news is that the game doesn’t seem to lose its engrossing strength on a handheld system.

Friday the 13th E3 News Bombardment!

In as few words as possible, here’s some horror-related news and links from E3. Konami has officially announced (with screen shots) the development of Silent Hill 5, to be completed by Harker-developer The Collective. A new Resident Evil 5 trailer is available (Africa!). Also more information on Left 4 Dead and Condemned 2. And in […]

Wherefore art thou Dialog Trees?

Survival horror has its roots in the Adventure genre, and even today we can see versions most standard adventure game systems in modern survival horror games. But there is one mechanic–a staple of classic adventure games–that doesn’t seem to be used for horror games: dialog trees. If you’ve ever played any time of adventure game, […]

Rule of Rose Impressions

I tried to play Rule of Rose again today after almost a year hiatus. I don’t know exactly how to put this, as I know a lot of horror fans enjoyed this game, but I think that it’s terrible. There are so many problems with it I don’t even know where to begin. The game […]