Updates Progress

Thanks to you guys, I got my ass in gear today and added a bunch of games to the database. Here’s what’s gone in today:

Quest Games:

Close Call Games:

Still pending (need more info):

  • Soul of the Samurai
  • Twilight Syndrome Saikai and the rest of the series
  • Harker
  • Vampire Rain
  • Alan Wake
  • Jericho (a nice woman at Codemasters sent me a bunch of info, but I haven’t looked at it yet).

So the database is a little bit more up-to-date now. In the near future I want to split off a classification for cancelled games, as there are a few in the list that should be removed but not forgotten.

Thanks to all of you who supplied information for the games, it made my life much easier!

6 thoughts on “Updates Progress

  1. Any news on a Siren 3….? ( Heck ANY info about Siren would be great…I’m plodding through the Japanese version of S2 and loving it…BUT…I don’t speak Japanese… I got an English lang. Version….but it’s PAL format so I’m outta luck on that front ( don’t ask about my attempts to find a way to run it here…jeez!) Is the Siren Movie have English subtitles…? Anyone?..

  2. I checked out of curiosity, and apparently both Resonance and Zombies were cancelled (shame about Zombies; it looked pretty good). Sadness hasn’t been outright set to rest, but it’s apparently more or less vaporware. Shame.

  3. (I’m Spanish and my english isn’t good enough, but I’ll try to show my opinion about two new additions)

    I think “The Darkness” is not an horror game, it’s just a FPS with monsters, but you don’t have to kill them, because they are your allies. The enemies are humans, Mafia assasins. So I think there is no intent to scare.

    In the other hand, we have F.E.A.R., another FPS with some situations that can be scary, but the most time you must fight with soldiers. The Action is more important than the Scariness in this game. I suposse it could be considered a Close Call.

    Before ending this comentary, I’d like to suggest some games to add to the list (at least to the close calls): Onimusha 1 and 2 (and even the 3rd part, but not the fourth, strongly oriented to the action), that was defined as a “Resident Evil with samurais” (yes, like “Soul of the samurai”, but in Onimusha the enemies are demons)

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