High Res RE4 Trailer

A high res trailer for Resident Evil 4 has been released. The trailer is available in both DivX and (shudder) WMV formats. This is the first video we’ve seen that really shows off gameplay, and it looks simply amazing. Thanks (again) to forums user Craig for this cool link.

GDC Impressions

I just got back from the 2004 Game Developer’s Conference. The conference went well, though I was less excited with it as I have been in previous years. I was able to attend a few very good game design talks and one or two interesting technical talks (I am a programmer by trade). At the […]

Yet More RE4 Details

Thanks to forums member Craig for pointing out that IGN has posted a bunch of new info on Resident Evil 4. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, Craig also points out that a (shakey) movie is available (WMV format).

New Games Added

I finally got around to adding a bunch of games to the database today. Thanks to everyone who pointed out that these titles were missing. Mansion of the Hidden Souls The complete Splatterhouse series, including Splatterhouse Splatterhouse 2 Splatterhouse 3 Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti If you notice a game that meets the About page requirements and […]

Silent Hill 4 Info

The MagicBox has posted new screens and a preview move (WMV format) from Silent Hill 4: The Room. They also have a report about the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack: Konami also plans to release a two disc sound track album for Silent Hill 4: The Room, in Japan on June 17, for 2600 yen. A […]

New Obscure Details

Thanks to forum user Jared for the tip about new Obscure details. This site has some new excellent-looking screens and information about this French horror game. In totally unrelated news, Resident Evil 4 information and screenshots are popping up everywhere.

RE4 Details

IGN has posted a very detailed preview of Resident Evil 4. The information is exciting; it appears that Capcom has made a huge number of changes to the series with this game. Check it out!

Kuon is Coming

Polygon has posted some more info and screens on Kuon. Here’s an excerpt: Slated to hit Japanese shelves next month, the game will be set in ancient Japan circa 1200 A.D. The story of Kuon will focus on a young girl who searches for her lost father and sister in a haunted mansion. Inside she […]