The Walking Dead Isn’t Horror

A couple of years ago my brother, a comic fanatic (and indie comic artist/author/publisher), gave me a copy of The Walking Dead for my birthday. A few years later he gave me a DVD of the first season of the show based on that comic. And that is why, when I read that Telltale had […]


Thanks to a generous gift by “mdowns2,” I am now in possession of Alien Resurrection for the PS1. Awesome! After …Iru! I thought about taking a break from old first-person games, but now I may change my mind. Hmm, so many horror games to play, so little time! Thanks, mdowns2!

Rise of Nightmares

I bought a Kinect a while back because I wanted to play Happy Action Theater with my daughter, as well as Once Upon A Monster. Both games are pretty fun, and they use the Kinect in ways that work. The other Kinect games I’ve played, like the Wii Sports knockoff Kinect Adventures, are all universally […]

Don’t Buy The Silent Hill HD Collection

I’d heard that there were problems with the recently released Silent Hill HD Collection, but I didn’t follow the complaints closely. The collection contains Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, and is supposed to be a high definition remastering of those games. I heard a bit about about the fog being broken and the […]