Ghosthunter Interview has posted an interview with James Shepard, Creative Director at Studio Cambridge, about Ghosthunter. In addition to a lot of interesting information about the game, the article includes neat pre-production concept art. Studio Cambridge is now working with Namco to get Ghosthunter released in the US.

Tons of Silent Hill 4 Info

Thanks to forums member Endaso for pointing out an excellent Eurogamer article on Silent Hill 4. The article contains minor spoilers, but they are all clearly marked and easy to avoid. Silent Hill 4 is scheduled for release in June 2004 in Japan.


Thanks to Insert Credit for the link to Hayarigami, a new text-based horror adventure title from Nippon Ichi Software (Disgaea/La Pucelle/Phantom Brave). The site doesn’t have a lot of content, but it does have a few tiny screens. What do you think? Should this sort of game be included in the Quest? I’ve already included […]

Cthulhu is Coming

C&VG have posted an interview with Chris Gray, the producer and lead designer of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. The title is still in development, and apparently now sports a whole new engine. Via Slashdot Games.

Second Shot Information

Free Radical has released a press release and screenshots for their upcoming action game Second Sight. Originally described as a “Resident Evil-inspired” horror game, the screens and the press release seem to suggest that the game will be more action-oriented than horror. I’ve gone ahead and mirrored the screens until we have more information. If […]

Ghost Hunter Coming Stateside is reporting that Ghost Hunter is on its way to the United States. No release date is specified in the 1Up article, but shows the game shipping in the States in “September 2004.”

Siren Released

Siren is out today in North America, making the game finally available in all three major territories. For the American release Sony has decided to drop the “Forbidden” part of the title that was added in Europe. If you’ve never heard of Siren, Polygon Magazine has a good summary of the game.

Kuon Update

Polygon magazine has posted new information and screens on Kuon. This game looks better each time they show more shots.