Takayoshi Sato Interview

Thanks much to Insert Credit for pointing out this enlightening interview with Takayoshi Sato. Sato is responsible for all of the CG in Silent Hill and did tons of work on Silent Hill 2 as well. He’s since moved on to EA, and in the interview he discusses what it was like working at Konami […]

Darkwatch Released

Despite a year-long delay and some major business changes to the developer, Darkwatch: Curse of the West actually shipped last week. Even more surprising is the high ratings this game has been getting (~80% at the moment). Considering the developer went from being a wholly-owned Sammy office to an independent studio and switched publishers in […]

Low Poly Zombie Touch!

Thanks to DS News (and Kotaku) for posting some scans from Resident Evil DS. The scans are here and here. It’s apparently a remake of the original game, 1996 graphics and all, with a first person combat mode thrown in to justify the dual screen system.

Challenging the Player

I’ve been thinking about the nature of challenge in horror games and games in general lately. It seems to me that there are two basic types of challenges: The player is challenged to figure out what he needs to do next, and The player knows what to do, but is challenged by actually doing it. […]

I Live!

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, I’ve been balancing some end-of-the-summer travel and a few fast-approaching deadlines at work. In my absence, forums member Sadako has graciously posted her impressions of the recently-released (in Japan) Fatal Frame 3. Check it out. Horror games mostly operate by mixing horrific content with simple game mechanics. Just […]