Snow Over Shibuya

I just got back from a month-long trip to Japan. Though I lived in Japan a number of years ago when I was in school, and though my wife and I go back at least once a year, this was the first trip in about eight years that lasted more than two weeks. Normally I […]

CONFIRMED: Silent Hill 5 has Zombie Dogs

Destructoid has new high-res screens of Silent Hill 5. Among the collection is a shot of the protagonist shooting a zombie dog. Zombie dogs were pretty funny back when they were jumping through windows in 1995, but they’re getting pretty tired lately. On the other hand, the screens also contain a giant dude who’s face […]

Alone in the Dark 5 is Just Like Real Life

Thanks to forums member RainbowDispair for pointing me to this interview with Nour Polloni about the up-and-coming Alone in the Dark 5. Polloni is the producer on the project, and she reveals a lot of details about what the game play will be like and what players should expect from the game. From the interview […]

Survival Horror Community!

One of the great things about running a site like this is that I get to meet people who have interests similar to my own. One of these people is forums member hellsing, who has been generating quite a bit of online content related to survival horror himself lately. First of all he’s got this […]

Horror Game Evolution: Cameras and Movement (part 3)

This is the last part of a three-part series of posts about how camera systems and character movement have evolved over the last ten years. In part 1 I discussed the problems that horror game developers faced when transitioning from 2D games to 3D games, and in part 2 I talked about the ways improvements […]

Eyes on the Prize

You can learn something about the American economy by watching horror movies. It’s true: when times are good and Hollywood is less risk-averse, we are treated to subtle, interesting, and original horror movies. When the economy is shitty (I hate the word “downturn,” it’s so saccharin), Hollywood responds by reverting to tried-and-true vehicles for turning […]