10 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Silent Hill 5 has Zombie Dogs

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    *sob, sniffle*
    As the disclaimer on my scary video games site says, I am a big animal lover, and I’m even upset with having to shoot video game zombie dogs in Resident Evil.

    And now I’m going to be expected to shoot them in Silent Hill 5?

    I’d rather play as a zombie dog and shoot people. I wouldn’t feel as bad.

  2. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,160903,00.html
    P.S. This reminds me, I just saw a news story about real-life zombie dogs.

    I’m not kidding. (See the Fox news link with this post.)

    Scientists are draining blood from live dogs, then freezing the dogs for 3 – 4 hours, then thawing them out, refilling them with blood, and jump-starting their hearts. Some dogs have died as a result.

    I think the whole thing is unethical and they shouldn’t be doing it.

  3. WHAT?!?

    How can you hate zombie dogs?, as apposed to more human zombies?, games need more zombie animals, whatever happened to the crows in resident evil?, a plagas infected crow wouldve rocked.

  4. That’s right.

    If anything, we need MORE zombie dogs. And other assorted zombie animals.

    Say what you will about Outbreak, but the second one had the right idea in mind, with zombified zoo animals.

  5. Zombie dogs have always been more of annoyance than being actually scary. They ALWAYS take more bullets to kill…why?!

    I finally got annoyed with them after Silent Hill 3 (eat the jerky, pooch! DAMMIT, not me!) and they just seemed out of place in Silent Hill 4, where they were twice as tough and twice as longer to kill because you kept using the avoid button (yeah, thanks for that RE3).

    Silent Hill 5, despite good intentions, is still revealing itself to be the big cliche of the series (from plot, to characters, to enemies). Silent Hill 3…all is forgiven.

  6. Actually, I’m going to have to agree Townshend and Chris.
    Zombie dogs ARE boring.
    They’re also pixelated- so I have no problem shooting them.
    Especially since this kind of enemy always manages to cause an obnoxious amount of damage before I can get a good swing in. 🙁

    And is it me, or does Siam (the hands monster) look like the spiritual successor of The Closer (pendulum monsters from SH3)?

    This shots are awesome news at any rate!
    I’m curious to see how this pans out.

  7. They did monkeys/apes twice in Silent Hill. First time around they were scary, I’ll give them credit for that.

  8. Maybe if these zombie dogs were more than just skinned dogs…what happened to the long tongues and head-split-open freakiness of the SH3 dogs?

    Heck, there are a billion different kinds of breeds of dogs, why not play with that, too? These designs seem unimaginative for SH…

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