Chaos Break

Thanks again to ZombieEater’s posts on the forums, I’ve found a new game for the quest: Chaos Break ZombieEater has his own nifty site dedicated to slightly more obsucre survival horror games. Check it out:

The Note added

Thanks to ZombieEater’s post in the forums, I’ve come across a new horror game for the database: Koukai Sarena Katta Shuki: The Note. The name translates roughly as “The Unpublished Note.” It appears to be a first-person mansion romp with similarities to Hell Night

New Biohazard 4 Movie

The MagicBox has posted links from the new TGS Biohazard 4 trailer. There are High Quality and Low Quality versions. The interesting thing about the video is that, besides looking amazingly good, it also shows off a new enemy: a shadow man with a giant meat hook attached to a chain. He looks a whole […]

Siren Impressions

I’ve found some info on Siren on the web: GameSpot has some interesting impressions and game play details. Game Watch has some info, but it is in Japanese. IGN posted an article a while back with the following details: Looking like a forgotten chapter in the Silent Hill series, the GC demo of the creepy […]

Siren Stuff!!

The Magic Box has posted a whole bunch of screenshots from Siren, a freaking awesome looking horror game from Sony. The info includes a trailer that is unfortunately encoded in RealMedia format.

Kuon Added

From Software has announced Kuon, which I’ve added to the database. Here is the rundown from The Magic Box: From Software announced a new PlayStation 2 horror adventure game called Kuon, this is one of the new title From Software will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show. The story takes place in a haunted mansion […]

Fistful of Boomstick

I managed to complete Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick yesterday. It was a fun (if somewhat shallow) brawler. The fighting engine is actually quite well done, but the game is hampered by asinine sub-quests and obscure goals. However, Boomstick uses the Evil Dead license excellently, and is one of the best examples of successful movie-to-game […]