Siren Impressions

I’ve found some info on Siren on the web:

  • GameSpot has some interesting impressions and game play details.
  • Game Watch has some info, but it is in Japanese.

IGN posted an article a while back with the following details:

Looking like a forgotten chapter in the Silent Hill series, the GC demo of the creepy horror tale featured three playable levels. In one stage, players slip into the role of an old Japanese man named Akira Shimura and had to explore an abandoned, zombie-infested mine and reach the street to the neighboring town of Hirasaki. Another level features a Japanese teacher trying to help a little girl escape from a rundown school. The mood of the game is extremely scary. The latter stage is set at night, with only a flashlight illuminating the dirty and dilapidated corridors of the old school. The developers are employing every trick in the book to make players drop their controllers, such as loud and sudden noises, subliminal flashes, a grainy video filter, and of course plenty of walking bloodied corpses.