Happy Halloween!

My wife and I (and our brand-new daughter, though she wasn’t yet born at the time) moved to a new neighborhood this year. For the first time in almost a decade, I think we’ll be living in a place that actually has kids going out to Trick or Treat the neighborhood. Some of our neighbors […]


Playstation Museum has a nice summary of Resident Evil 1.5, the unreleased precursor to Resident Evil 2. The YouTube video is already offline, but the overview and screenshots are very nice. On a more personal note, I became a father this past Sunday! I don’t really use this space to talk about myself very much, […]

Horror Games Pushing Censorship Boundaries

I posted a little bit about Dementium: The Ward before, and since then the Horror FPS for DS has been mostly off my radar. The game is on schedule for release at the end of October (hooray for Halloween), and I am very interested to see if horror in a portable format will work. But […]