Silent Hill Interviews has a pretty interesting (and fairly lengthy) interview with Christophe Gans and Akira Yamaoka about the upcoming Silent Hill movie. There aren’t any real spoilers, they mostly discuss how the game has made the transition to film. Gans is apparently a pretty hardcore gamer. The movie comes out in the US on April 21st.

Zombie VS Ambulance!!

I was reading the latest issue of Famitsu (which, by the way, has a pretty awesome preview of Siren 2) when I ran across a crazy game called The Zombie VS Ambulance (THEVS). This is SIMPLE2000 game, which means its a budget title by D3 publishing (retail in Japan is about $18, which is ultra […]

Subtracting Design

Thanks to for this cool interview with Makoto Shibata, the brains behind the Fatal Frame series. Apparently there is a longer version of this interview, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. Pretty interesting stuff.