Does Survival Horror Still Exist?

Leigh Alexander has an excellent article on the way survival horror games have changed up on Kotaku this morning. If you’ve never read Alexander’s stuff before, she’s one of the few game journalists that really gets genres like survival horror (I’ve linked to her writing before). Her latest article, Does Survival Horror Really Still Exist? […]

Chiller Video Shorts

Brandon over at insert credit posted about a horror short that he worked on which is part of a contest from a site called ChillerTV. There are a ton of entries (though so far, the one Brandon linked to is the best that I’ve seen), and at five minutes, it’s fun to see filmmakers try […]

In Search of the Worst Horror Game Ever

Last year I wrote about how I learn a lot from bad games. But what I didn’t say in that post was that I secretly love to play bad horror games, just as I secretly relish terrible horror movies. There’s a certain type of humor that is evoked by games and movies that are so […]