6 thoughts on “Play The Suffering for Free

  1. I hope I hope I hope this brings the game back into the public eye. I don’t think The Suffering 3 is necessarily a good idea…and remakes are often unwelcome, but…but….

    (Can you tell I really loved this series?) 😉

  2. Don’t really like the game TBH. Also heard that there’s in-game advertising in this free version, just a heads-up.

  3. So being free and passing it up the first time around, I decided to download it. The ads only pop up on loading screens (adding an extra 30 secs of waiting) and when you switch it on and off. It’s no biggie really.

    Anyway, I can see why I passed up on the game the first time around. It’s not a bad horror game and it does have some jumps, but it doesn’t really grab me past the story. I’ll carry on with it though, just to see how it all pans out.

  4. As awesome as the free download is, there’s one little thing I wish they had told you BEFORE I spent time and bandwidth on downloading it: it doesn’t work from any country.

    “We’re sorry but free, ad-supported game play is unavailable in this country.”

    Gee, thanks.
    It’s not that I cant find a way around it but still.

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