GDC Report

I just got back from a tiring week at GDC. Actually it was quite a bit of fun, but standing around all day for three days straight can make the soles of your feet hurt a lot. This year I didn’t really get to any sessions that are related to this site. I really wanted […]

Don’t Look Now

This evening I watched Don’t Look Now, a horror flick starring a young Donald Sutherland circa 1973. The story centers around an American couple living in Venice who have recently lost their daughter. It’s hard to describe exactly the events that unfold in this film, but the tension level is pretty high throughout the whole […]

Stay Away

Producer #1: Ok, we need a movie to fill our release schedule out in March 2004. Producer #2: Hmm, we should target teens… how about a horror movie!? Producer #1: Sounds good. We should be able to throw one of those together in six months. But we need a hook… how about a demonic web […]


So I finished Michigan last night, and I’ve posted a review today. I really don’t have anything good to say about this game, except that it was amusing in the same way seeing somebody walk into a pole can be amusing.


If you have a PC and are into point-and-click horror games, you might enjoy Scratches, which just came out. GameRankings doesn’t have much to say about the game yet (77% but only 5 reviewers checking in), but the screenshots look pretty neat.

Cinma D’Horreur

Wow, an update after several weeks of radio silence. Sorry everybody, work has been increasingly demanding lately. Also, I’ve been playing through Michigan, which has not proven very post-worthy. Anyway, I thought I’d tell you guys about some horror movies I watched recently. Pulse (Kairo) finally came out in the US. I guess they are […]