Silent Hill PSP Announced… sort of

Thanks to Kotaku for posting a note about Konami’s announcement of a Silent Hill game for PSP.

Only, it turns out it’s not really a game so much as a bunch of media related to the series. Sounds like basically a fan site on UMD. What a let down.

Silent Hill Experience (working title)

Release date: Spring 2006

Genre: Multimedia

Platform: PSP system

Unique among all PSP system products available on the market, The Silent Hill Experience combines a variety of media comics, music and movies to deliver a complete behind-the-scenes look at the popular Silent Hill franchise. Using an intuitive 3D interface, Silent Hill fans will be able to view all-new digital interactive comics, listen to music from the long-running series of Silent Hill video games, and watch exclusive video content, including an interview with the director of the highly-anticipated Silent Hill motion picture.

9 thoughts on “Silent Hill PSP Announced… sort of

  1. Sounds like a stop-gap til they properly start on SH5. But not even I’d shell out hard earned cash for something like that…

  2. hey do u guys know if the psp cd`s can be played on ps2 or the ps3 thas comin out(not so)soon? or are the too small in sise? just wondering?

  3. oh Machinist, your SO funny!! I think he was kidding yall. Psp games on a ps2! So funny! OMG!

    Anyway, I hope fukuru or the cool sex video is on the disc! That would be tiiiight.

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