Wait, wasn’t this thing cancelled?

It’s E3 time again, and there’s been a few blips on the horror game radar. Of particular note is the tons of press that Resident Evil 5 has been getting, even though it’s not due out until next year. There’s also a little video of water physics from tech demo / horror game Hydrophobia. And Dead Space, which used to look like Bioshock to me and now looks like Doom 3, has gotten a fair bit of coverage itself. Oh, and Dead Rising 2 is coming out for Wii. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

I went to E3 a couple of times before it was cancelled and reincarnated as (as far as I can tell) exactly the same thing, and I didn’t like it very much. It’s cool to see what everybody in the industry is working on, but it also brought out the worst parts of the industry (namely, shameless marketing to cover lacking content). I’m not there this year (and really have no desire to ever go again), and since it’s been transmogrified into the “E3 Media Summit” maybe it’s gotten better. I’m still waiting for more information on games like Dead Island, Alan Wake, and Rainy Woods.

8 thoughts on “Wait, wasn’t this thing cancelled?

  1. Real slap in the face that Dead Rising is going to the Wii instead of the PS3. How are they gonna pull off all the zombies on one screen without framerate drops on that thing? (sigh) Anyhow…I agree that it would have been nice to see some info on Rainy Woods and Alan Wake. I’m interested in I Am Alive now too. (Survival without the horror? Hmmmmmm.) And RE5 looks like RE4 on steroids (quoted from somewhere). I’m ok with that. Happy times!

  2. The new Dead Rising will also be making use of an RE4-esque ‘behind-the-shoulder’ camera, and to be honest, I’m interested. Never hurts to have another Wii title, and Dead Rising on the 360 was fun.

    Also, suedepup, not to split hairs, but the idea of survival-based titles is by no means new. Disaster Report, Raw Danger, Aconcagua, Disaster: Day of Crisis (apparently), Lost in Blue, etc.

  3. So apparently the Wii version of Dead Rising is removing the picture taking element of the game and changing the mission structure to a more traditional game structure (beat a mission to make the next mission appear) as opposed to the time-based structure used in the 360 (if you didn’t complete a mission in the time allotted, it was gone for good).

  4. ….im beginning to think that alan wake is a myth like bigfoot or la chupacabra, and that remedy is just throwing 5 year long pizza party.

  5. In all honestly I think Doom 3… er Dead Space looks really promising! I’ve been reading up and watching the videos of it and can honestly say I’m pretty excited!

  6. I’ve been reading here and there about Alan Wake. I’m a bit disappointed to find out that it’s Vista only (as I don’t intend to upgrade anytime soon.)
    Dead Space looks potentially good, but the camera angle bothers me a bit.

  7. Yeah, I looked up Dead space and it’s not like bioshock or doom 3, it’s like resident evil 4, third person… wow, what a change from doom 3.

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