Some Videos

Here’s a couple of videos I’ve come across lately:

  • Some super alpha handicam vid of Sadness actually running. I think that this footage is legit; that black box on top of the guy’s TV is a Wii dev kit (I used to have the same kind on my desk), and the footage looks like prototype-level quality (minor, obvious things, like interpolation of the rotation angle of the characters, is missing, which means that this is really, really early in the game’s development). What we don’t know is when this was shot–if it’s recent, I think this game has at least another year of development ahead. If it’s fairly old, then the game might actually be in active development now. Either way, Sadness just got one (very tiny) step closer to not being vaporware.
  • Here’s some early footage of a recently-announced Wii horror game called Cursed Mountain. I’m not one to hang a lot of value on trailers, but this looks pretty neat! Thanks to forums member suedepup for the link.
  • Finally, another gem from suedepup is this absolutely fantastic claymation zombie short. In six minutes the author has captured the essence of the Romero zombie formula, and he or she has done it with humor and style too.

4 thoughts on “Some Videos

  1. Cursed mountain looks beautiful, but not much gameplay footagewhich makes me wonder. Glare killed the sadness video for me, but it looked interesting; now, if those two were both on Wii…I’d probably buy the system.

    Cainsaw maid was great

  2. Cursed mountain does look nice, and what little gameplay I’ve seen is interesting…my question is why do they only show cutscenes when trying to sell a game? At least with the new Fatal Frame game they’ve shown some actual gameplay.

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