Designing Characters to be Scared For

I’ve written a new Feature about character design in horror games called Designing Characters to be Scared For. Here’s an excerpt:

By selecting a macho super-soldier as the lead character, the game designer forces himself to invent situations where even this highly trained mercenary is defenseless. For example, Resident EviIs giant snake monsters, colossal Tyrant enemies, and hoards of zombies are designed to make even the macho STARS mercenaries look overwhelmed. The same is true for the frequent underground laboratories, giant Victorian complexes, and corporate conspiracy themes that Resident Evil employs. These designs are a direct product of the robustness of the protagonists created for the title. In contrast, Silent Hills rather ordinary setting and less over-the-top enemies are a reflection of its “average joe” main character.

Check it out! As with the other features, there’s a spot for comments at the bottom.