Resident Evil 5 Announced

Resident Evil 5 has been announced by Capcom. The game will be released for the PS3 and Xbox360. There are no details yet, just a collection of screens (now hosted here). I’ve seen some scans from Famitsu or some similar magazine, but I can’t find versions large enough to actually read. If I can get my hands on them, I’ll translate the pages.

Thanks to forums user Gary Oak for the tip off and image link!

Update: Somebody else went ahead and translated the text from the article already.

3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Announced

  1. Well it is still a long time away from now but if I take this screenshots to be genuine I have only one thing to say:

    Why oh why bring back Chris Redfield … I just hate this character he is so annoying (just had to get this off my chest)

    Seriously though there isnt much to be said about a game to be released 3 years from now, as I read somewhere.

  2. to continue the story of this game,Chris Redfield may not be statisfied character However,In the story, Chris planed to bury Umbrella [He said in Code veronica]. I could predict at that time,Chris exactly become the main character of RE5. Ahh..I forgot something to tell. My friend said Steve [In code veronica] may be resurrected by Wesker .
    He’s alive again and become Ultra power like Wesker or Ada. I don’t know how to keep comment

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