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  1. I hope Rule Of Rose is good, as I am really looking foward to playing it. It looks very creepy! That fat girl looks demented!
    Also, I love your site, it has helped me look for many new games to buy!

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    Rule of Rose is a pretty darn good game if you can get past the not so good battle controls. I found them only an annoyance and still have managed to seriously enjoy the game. Though, some boss battles caused me to throw down my controller angrily… Creepy, but quite good.

  3. I’m just starting this game and it’s creepy in “Lord of the Flys” sort of way. The collision detection is kinda wonky, but so far everything seems to work ok.

  4. The biggest con of the game: the battle system is horrible. Perhaps the whole system should have been dumped, and have the player just survive on strategy with enemies. It just isn’t fun detecting items and then beating the crap out of children wearing paperbags, using a hit or pleasejesusdon’tletmemiss style of weaponry, with the former taking a backseat to the latter.

    A story really shouldn’t “make” a game, but in this case that is exactly what happens with Rule of Rose. The creators have played very close attention to the fairytale motif/prohibition model of classic Grimm, Perault, HCA and instead of building on these tales, they create their own. RoR is really a literary game, one that you have to pay close attention to detail and symbolism to fully appreciate as a whole, and get that “oooh” of some the more disturbing aspects of the story.

    I think this is an amazing game, but it’s ultimately going to be a love it or hate it, and since it is in no way mainstream, most will hate it, therefore I couldn’t give it a big recommendation to others unless they are willing to take their time with the game.

  5. I am so disappointed with this game. I was so excited to finally get it in the USA, but after a couple of hours I was just frusterated. As everyone says, that story and atmosphere are terrific, but the gameplay is terrible.

    Many people say that Siren has bad control. It doesn’t; it’s just a challenging game with a steep learning curve. Rule of Rose, however, is an easy game with bad control.

    I really have nothing to add except where I can find a decent walkthrough? The mermaid is whooping me to no end.

  6. This game should’ve been a book, perhaps a movie but not a game. It’s just so unplayable. The gameplay is a huge freakin’ mess. Know I understand why Sony didn’t wanted to publish this game on the U.S., I thought that it was because of the pedophile’s wet dream scenerio of a game with preteens and such. Nah! those parts are not even offensive or bothersome. The game itself just doesn’t work in any level. nuff said.

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