Might as well get ill

I finished Illbleed last night. It’s an interesting game for sure: the content is weird, the premise is unique, and its approach to horror is straight out of campy 1980s classics like Creepshow. It’s also a pretty good example of bad game design: it’s too complicated, the rules keep changing, and there are some points that rate very high on the frustration meter. You should check this review out, because I even went to the trouble of making a graph to describe one of the principle design failures of this game.

4 thoughts on “Might as well get ill

  1. Very nice review Chris. I’ve just got hold of this, courtesy of 16bitman, and I’m looking forward to giving it a go (despite your reservations 🙂 ).

  2. I agree 100% with Chris. The game is just TOO frustrating to be fun. It has a wonderful premise, but it gets bogged down with all the rules. This is the only translated English survival horror game I used a FAQ on.

  3. I agree with Chris’s review for the most part.
    Illbleed was one of the few post PS2 releases the DC had.

    I assume Chris you didn’t get the real ending. You know the one where all your friends are dead and you basicly fight the final boss naked?

    I am not making this up…

  4. I did read about this ending, but I wasn’t about to play that thing all the way through for a final boss fight and a skin texture.

    … though it is sort of funny that you have to fail your objectives (“rescue your friends”) to get the “real” ending.

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