I’m headed to Japan for New Years, so updates may be a little slow. I’ve got a pretty good feature update in the works though, so stay tuned for that. On my trip my shopping list includes Nanatsu no Hikan, Hungry Ghosts, and Gregory Horror Show, among other obscure titles. I’ll report back from the field as often as I can. See you in the new year!

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  1. hey whot do u exactly do at your job?im interested cuz u seem to travel alot.i know ure in THE game bizz but thats kind of vague isnt it? do u like take pics of cool places to put in a game or smthin? oh yes and could u pleaze xpLain exactly WHY do u not consider pc games? cuz thats where the shits at.i mean THE GAMES they look better on pc right? games like cold fear. oh and why oh why dont i see dino crisis in ure list? i mean u put stuff like stubbs the zombie in here but not dc? i mean u have to SURVIVE in this game right? and dinosaurs are ecually scary as zombies right? so… conclusion = its a friggin horrorgame! ANYWAY HAVE A NICE TRIP AND DRINK A LOT OF SAKE!!! KAAAAAAAAAMAIKAZZZZZZEEEEEEEE!

  2. umm dinosaurs arent considered horific??? xweezme but are u MAD? whot if a friggin T-rex walked by the street? u would wee wee ur pants. sure then u would have to consider king kong a horrorgame but maby not cuz a dinosaur is much MUCH scaryer than a damn monkey.i mean dinos want to EAT YOUR RAW FLESH! does it sound fermiliar?? ahaaa… And no matter whot u say the creators of dc werent thinkin to make a nice adventure game. they were makin a res evil whid a twist. so comeon just tell us why u relly dont like dc? cuz most of US prolly do.

  3. Your message might have been more convincing if you’d made some attempt to write English with a modicum of respect for grammar and spelling. As it is, I can barely read what you want to say, but I think the gist of it is “I disagree with your choice to exclude Dino Crisis.”

    Feel free to disagree. I encourage you to begin your own horror blog, within which you can include whichever games you like! You might also refer to the extremely long discussion we had on this topic over in the forums:


  4. ok thx for the link. i see now that u are thinkin about reevaluating dc.im happy for that and i hope u eventually add it in your list. ohh and im so sorry for the grammar but i have been playing counter strike a lot latley and if you have tried it you know whot prolongued exposure might do to the grammar of an Estonian teen guy.i hope this is an emprovement atleast by a little. and about my own horror blog. i ensure u thats never gonna happen so i have no choice but to express my beliefs on this site if u dont mind. =)

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