We Produce it for Whole Human Beings

I’ve been in Japan for about a week now, and so far this trip has been extremely useful for The Quest. I’ve managed to pick up a bunch of Japan-only titles without destroying my wallet, which is good. I’m not sure that I’ve managed to buy any games that are actually good, but my goal here is collection, review, and transcription. So far I’ve managed to find Gregory Horror Show, Hungry Ghosts, Kyoufu Shimbun Heiseiban Kaiki! Shinrei File, and Michigan. The only games on my shopping list that I haven’t been able to locate yet are Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou (the speed at which Dreamcast games are vanishing from the shelves over here is amazing) and Ghost Vibration.

Last year when I was in Japan, I ran across a game ominously titled The Fear. At the time, I didn’t buy it because it was horrifically expensive and looked, well, horrifically bad. I posted about it at the time, and 16bitman tracked down some info about this game. Today I picked the game up for 2900 yen (about $25), which may or may not be a good deal depending on how horrible the game turns out to be. I think I decided last year that this title probably isn’t survival horror (as it’s probably FMV and text), I’m still looking forward to playing through it. Maybe I’ll put together a feature about the game when I am done.

I wouldn’t want you guys to think that I flew 5000 miles just to buy potentially-terrible horror games. I’ve managed to get my shopping done in-between visiting friends in Nagoya and Osaka, chilling with my in-laws, and generally enjoying my time in this awesome country. But hey, this is a horror blog, so you guys get the horror news!

I should be back in the States early next week. Maybe then I can bring myself to finish Kuon once and for all. Ugh. Every time I play that game my opinion of it decreases.

6 thoughts on “We Produce it for Whole Human Beings

  1. Sounds cool. Will you be able to post some screenshots/stills from some of the games later on? Especially Kyoufu Shimbun Heiseiban Kaiki! Shinrei File since it only has the case. ^_^

    Good luck finding the other two and enjoy the rest of your time there. 🙂

  2. Gregory Horror Show basically rules. We have tons and tons of PAL copies in the UK, yet I think I’m the only one who ever bought it (exaggerating, but you get the jist!).

    Ironically, the Gregory, James and Cathrine figures sold out instantly. Hmmm…..

  3. Heh, but if I said, “visiting friends in Okada in the Aichi Prefecture,” everyone would go “huh?”

    Actually, everyone would go “lol horror games lol,” but I guess that’s beside the point.

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