Yet More Updates

Wow, it must be summer! My horror game radar has been dormant for the last six months or so, but all of a sudden it has lit up with activity.

First of all, check out a game play video and screenshot gallery for Silent Hill 0rigins. The video makes it clear that while some things have changed (like the camera position), the developers are trying hard to make the game look like a Silent Hill game.

Also, there’s some interesting interview videos with a couple of developers at Capcom about Umbrella Chronicles and the Wii version of Resident Evil 4. The developers describe how they are making changes to both games to enable Wii players (mostly involving changes to controls and a decrease in difficulty). Neat stuff!

One thought on “Yet More Updates

  1. Origins does look amazing…I am so exicted for this game, I have not had a PSP until now because there were ‘no’ SH games I wanted to play, I just need SH Experience now and I am set!

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