No Haunting on Grounds

I finished Haunting Ground this morning and posted a review. It’s an evolutionary step up from Clock Tower 3, both in terms of graphics and game play complexity. While I mostly enjoyed it, there were some things about this title that didn’t really click for me, including the way the protagonist is presented and the repetition required by the game. On the other hand, it’s sort of nice to play a game so rooted in old-school mechanics that does not suffer from bad controls, bad graphics, or horrible loading times. In short, it’s something of a mixed bag. Check out the full review for details.

5 thoughts on “No Haunting on Grounds

  1. It is by far one of my favourite survival horror games and I was really pleasantly surprised when I played it. I really enjoyed it thoroughly (especially up to the part that the maid died then it was kind of anticlimactic and became less enjoyable).Though by no means a flawless game it had that extra something that made it work for me. As for Fiona, let’s just say it’s no wonder she falls forward all the time with that “package” she is carrying, lol.

  2. I love Haunting Ground. Although I had the same issues as Chris, I had it less so with the presentation of Fiona. I found it rather creepy after a while when the camera started lingering longer and longer on her body, inviting the player into the “enemies” view of her. It DOES potentially boil down to male audience/male gaze, but I found the presentation engaging and disturbing, especially when you get one of the really bad endings. That ending it unexpected within the gothic castle context of the game. You EXPECT a happy ending. Not… THAT.

    I really enjoyed Haunting Ground, and I am hoping they make a sequel. I might throw in also that this is my first comment here, but I visit here often…I have loved survival horror games since I was a kid, this is a great site!!

    Fiona is the hottest video game character ever, by the way 😉

  4. Ah, I am knee-deep at the end of that game right now.
    The fact that Fiona’s edge detection(?) is severely off hampers my ability to pick up items. 🙁
    I agree with a good chunk of your review for the game, but the mandragora puzzle… now that was was TERRIBLE.

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