Hey, I’m Famous

If you read German and have access to magazines from that country, the latest issue of GEE contains an article on horror games with references to yours truly. I spoke with the author at GEE while in Japan last month, and though I’ve not actually seen the article yet, Michael from frightening tells me that it is now on sale. I wish that I had some German ability so that I can read the article (it sounds fascinating), but perhaps if it is posted online in the future I can read it with the aid of machine translation.

Anyway, check it out if you can!

5 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Famous

  1. Nice! Congrats, Chris. When did you meet with this guy during your trip? Let us know if they post it online.

  2. I actually only talked to him via e-mail, it just happened to occur while I was on vacation. I think that they post their articles once the magazine is off the shelf; if so, I’ll link to it here.

  3. Hey! I just read an article at spiegel online. spiegel is one of the biggest news websites in germany…. so well done 🙂

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