Holy Bandwidth, Batman

It seems that I’ve been discovered by reddit.com. Hi there, reddit folks, thanks for stopping by! You might also be interested in my guide to Japanese horror, my article on the prehistory of the survival horror genre, the games I’ve reviewed, or maybe my assorted blog posts about game design. Apologies if the site seems a little sluggish–there are a great many of you at the moment.

Update: Well, the reddit,com traffic has died off and been replaced with many visitors from spiegel.de. Hi there, German friends! The article from GEE is now being hosted at Spiegel, and if you are like me and don’t speak any German, you can read it (slightly mangled) via machine translation.

8 thoughts on “Holy Bandwidth, Batman

  1. This site has had a massive overhaul since I last visited (probably 3 years ago, now). Looks good, but a little jarring as I used to visit frequently until you stopped doing frequent updates. Seems that that’s changed now. Anyway, the reason I stopped by was to see if you reviewed Condemned 2 (if you got your hands on an advanced copy). I remember quite a bit of talk about the first here, back in the day. I was one of them doing the talking. How have you gotten this site to take off like it has? I am really, really surprised. A site where some random guy reviews survival horror games? I loved it, but … wow.

  2. I was as disappointed with the review section as I was excited about the face-lift of the page. You update more but you haven’t had a single new review in at least two years. Seriously — two years since I visit a page whose purpose is to review every survival horror game ever made and not one new game has been reviewed? Umbrella Chronicles? Condemned 2 (incredible game — besting the first thanks to the massively improved CSI moments)? Hell, throw something up about an old game like Eternal Darkness. Chris, I’m actually complementing you — I like your reviews. I’m just wondering why you stopped writing them and what the point of this page is when you gave up on your mission 2 years ago. Seriously, writing a couple paragraphs and sticking them online isn’t that hard. I’ve been doing it at my own page for 11 years now (to the day).

  3. I was posting my thoughts of Condemned on your site the last time I visited. So I guess I was mixing poster comments with your review. Wow, took you 2 years after E3 to play it, huh? Glad you finally checked it out! Wait ’til you get your hands on the second. It fixes the one glaring flaw in the first — the CSI stuff. I think you’ll love it and in a year where a LOT of survival horror is coming out, I have no trouble saying that I think Condemned 2 will be the best survival horror game of 2008.

    So, what are you reviewing next?

  4. I don’t really play games on the list in any particular order. I’m not on the cutting edge of new releases–that’s not the purpose of this site. I am looking forward to Condemned 2 but I may not review it for a while.

    Currently I’m playing Hellnight, which is awesome (and, actually, is quite similar to Condemned except with less hobo clubbing and perspective correction). After that I may pick Parasite Eve or Siren 2 back up, depending on how I feel.

  5. The great thing about the Internet is that I can totally count on you guys to point out all of my mistakes, even when I make them in other languages. Thanks!

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