Fatal Frame Series Plot Plotted

Ever wonder what the hell is going on in the Fatal Frame series? I mean, usually the plot of any particular game in the series is pretty clear, but every once in a while you realize that the story is tied back into the seemingly unrelated plot of the other games. Fatal Frame 3 in particular made me realize that there’s probably a lot of story connections that I was missing.

Well, thanks to user “Arnav” on wikipedia, we now have a fantastic chart of the entire series, including every major character and the various complicated connections between them. Somebody spent a lot of time making this, I highly recommend that you check it out. Note that if you read it really close there are some spoilers, but it’s not very interesting unless you’ve played the games to begin with anyway.

4 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Series Plot Plotted

  1. That’s really nicely plotted, but it doesn’t cover Miku’s connection to the Monster Rancher series and how she ended up there.

  2. Maybe because Monster Ranger isn’t part of the Fatal Frame series? Also, the chart does note that some exceedingly minor connections have been omitted for clarity.

  3. Actually I was being facetious, but that often gets lost in translation when typing. It’s highly unlikely the Monster Rancher world and Fatal Frame world are even remotely related. Unless Miku fell through a dimensional portal after the events of the first game and came back through before the third.

  4. Ha, sorry, I didn’t catch your tone. I’d be unsurprised if Miku did make some appearance in some completely unrelated game, though Monster Ranger is indeed a stretch.

    I was like, “man, some people are never satisfied!”

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