Alone in the Dark 5 on PS2, Wii

Kotaku is reporting that Alone in the Dark 5, previously announced for PS3 and Xbox360, will also be coming out on PS2 and Wii. Obscure developers Hydravision will be handling the ports, it sounds like. As an unnecessary aside, I’ll take this moment to complain

again about how next gen development costs hurt innovative games, which is certainly the logic behind this announcement. I’m sorry for Hydravision, though–downports from next gen systems are rough, I’ve been there and it’s not fun. That said, a Wii version of ALOD5 would be very welcome!

2 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark 5 on PS2, Wii

  1. I’m kind of curious… do all of the Alone in the Darkgames tie together? I’m just wondering because I haven’t played any of them, but Alone in the Dark 5 looks pretty interesting from the screenshots that I have seen.

  2. AITD 1-3 are a connected trilogy. 4&5 are essentially reboots of the series.

    Hydravision will do a decent job of the PS2 and Wii, judging from their work on Obscure. Atari have a hit-and-miss streak with their games, so I don’t blame them for covering the costs with this one. It hasn’t had the easiest of development times if I remember rightly.

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