4 thoughts on “Ba-Bleeping-Bang

  1. Of course you will have to go used game
    shopping too. Maybe you will see a cheaper
    copy of “The Fear” this time.

  2. http://mundanesoul.diaryland.com
    Definitely go for the FF2. I just finished that one about a month ago and loved every minute of it. Plus, you can dress up the girls in kimonos when you’re shooting for the best ending. But if you’re going for beating it on Extreme and getting every ghost on the Spirit List, prepare for another long journey, my friend.
    FF2 is by far my favorite SH horror game so far. Nothing as creeped me out nearly as bad, though Siren was close. I’m still waiting for the next chapter in SH as well. I thought Four was very nice, despite mixed reviews.

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