Yep, that’s Nuby’s GameCube chainsaw controller for playing Resident Evil 4 on. From Lik-Sang’s blurb:

…this massive sculpted controller comes with a built-in sound chip, imitating the roar of the powerful weapon. … When not chopping Zombies into pieces, the Resident Evil 4 Controller can rest on its stylish stand, on top on your TV, well at sight for the bill collectors knocking at your door. Very impressive in size, it will bring you fear and respect at the same time, yet light and ergonomic, it stays comfortable and does not affect gameplay at all. Holding it in your hands for sure makes you feel like a man; now who said the Cube was for kids?

If you say so, LikSang. Looks a little garish for the top of the TV to me.

4 thoughts on “What

  1. I remember being less than pleased playing
    ‘Cube at Walmart and Zellers demo stations.
    I liked N64 but that controller was too weird.
    Seeing this piece of shit makes me think I was
    being too harsh.
    Only 50 bucks eh? Yuck.

  2. “now who said the Cube was for kids?”

    Ironic because the first thing I thought when seeing that controller was that it looks like a cheap halloween kids toy, covered with ketchup :P. And I doubt that controller is even comfortable 🙁

  3. Silly? Sure. But it looks like more of a fun concept. Capcom also released an Onimusha 3 controller shaped like a sword

    What’s really interesting is this:
    We know that one of the crazed villagers in RE4 attacks Leon with a chainsaw. The fact that there’s a controller is in the shape of a chainsaw is makes me wonder if we, as Leon, will eventually get to to use the chainsaw as a wepon. (Maybe as an unlockable bonus weapon.)

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