I’ve finally, finally finished Siren. It took a very long time (6 months!) to get everything and complete all the levels, but the game turned out to be pretty amazing. I’ve posted my thoughts on the Siren page, and hopefully I haven’t been too long winded. Next up I need to choose between: Fatal Frame 2, X-Files, The Suffering, or Silent Hill 4. Since the pace of Siren was so slow, I’m currently leaning toward The Suffering, as shooting the crap out of monsters will be a nice change.

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  1. Well, in typical Siren fasion, completing everything doesn’t unlock an ending. It unlocks a beginning of sorts instead. But yeah, I got something for my effort, and it explained a lot.

  2. Hey,

    I’m a big Survival Horror fan and I *loved* SIREN/FORBIDDEN SIREN. It’s been a long time since a game scared me so much. I love how it gave us little pieces of information in a non-linear fashion, and how unlocking things brought unexpected surprises. Hardest Archive Item? Definitely that diary on Shibito Tomoko’s bedroom desk! Can’t wait for the sequel!


    btw- I love THE SUFFERING as well. Very cool game, not too difficult- and extremely sick, violent and laden with so many “motherf***ers” your ears’ll bleed!

  3. Yeah, getting Tomoko’s diary was HARD! I also had a hard time finding the ramen noodle recipe in the level with the eating cop, as if you search too close to the table where he’s been eating the level ends.

    I’ve been playing through The Suffering this week, and hopefully I’ll finish it before Thanksgiving. It’s pretty fun so far, but only hard in specific places.

    I also love FORBIDDEN SIREN. It`s just one of the most wunderful horrorgames ever made. But i havent played through the complete game yet. I just keep playing from time to time, while I complete shorter games.

    THE SUFFERING is one of the games I finished and I got a lot of fun with it. It`s just that totally sick atmosphere that makes the game worth to play. When THE SUFFERING was announced months ago I thought it would be another “gore-game” without any quality. Well, IT IS a gore-game, but a very good one. I think the gameplay itself isn`t that exicting, but it`s good enough to keep you playing.

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