Fixing Broken Games

I recently asked a poster named “spike” how he might correct the faults of Chaos Break, which he apparently hated. I’d like to extend this question to all of you for all the games in the database.

Let’s say you get to decide how to fix one of the games listed here. You may choose any game that you think has serious problems. However, there are guidelines you must follow when fixing:

  • You can’t change any art, you must use the characters and models that come with the game.
  • You can’t improve the 3D engine or otherwise make major changes to the technology.
  • You may make major changes to the way the game is played: change the combat system, add an inventory system or skills or whatever.

So what games do you think are the most flawed and how would you fix them? You may post as comments on this message, contact me directly, or sound off in the forums.

Please note that if your messages are devoid of content (“this game sucks ass, I’d just play something better”), I’ll just delete them.

One thought on “Fixing Broken Games

  1. Here’s how I would fix Carrier:
    1) Normalize the frame rates of all the animation. Half the animations look like they are running in slow motion for some reason!
    2) Increase the speed of everything in the game: players move faster, shoot faster, etc.
    3) Throw the story out and come up with something cool. Maybe the ship they are on can constantly be sinking, forcing a time limit on the player.
    4) Make combat not suck. Steps 1 and 2 will really help, but the final key would be to fix collision detection. I’d also make the zombies die faster and do less damage.
    5) Let you play as both players at once, sorta like Resident Evil Zero. Instead of having one player follow the other around, you should be able to switch between them any time you like, even if they are in different rooms.
    6) Since I can’t change any art, I’d change the design of the levels so that each area was unique and visually identifiable. In Carrier, every single freaking location looks the same.
    7) Since there are a serious lack of weapons in Carrier, I think I’d change the way they are rationed. I’d make all the weapons available to the player from the start (complete with unlimited ammo), but I’d only allow the player to carry one or two weapons at a time. You could leave weapons around and then come back and get them later. Some weapons would cause you to be heavier than others, which might mean crossing a broken bridge or some such would be more difficult.
    8) I think I’d use more moving 3D cameras. While I generally prefer scripted cameras to real-time cameras, in Carriers case the camera angles are so uninspired that they actually hurt the game. I’d add a little but more dynamic camera movement in there to keep things interesting.

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