Siren Details has posted a detail-rich preview of Siren. Interestingly enough, the article mentions that you must play without the ability to attack. In a previous news post, I lamented the fact that most survival horror games boil down to causing zombie heads to explode, and I suggested that games like the Clock Tower Series might have the right idea by removing combat completely. It will be interesting to see if Siren’s implementation effectively induces feelings of fear and uncertainty.

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    You left out House of the Dead 1 + 2 and maybe Chiller for NES. Also, Uninvited and Shadowgate might count too. What about Nightmare on Elm Street for NES? Devil May Cry has…Stuff. Remember Dino Crisis? What about DUCK HUNT?? Nothing scarier than a mocking dog and guns…in the woods……alone………with ducks.

    Yes, it is 4am, and I’ve nothing better to do. I’d just like to point out, Parasite Eve 2 sucked ass. Galerians 2 sucked ass. Clock Tower 2…sucked ass. Umm…Overblood 2 was awful. See where I’m goin with this? Most of the sequels were terrible and not worth the time of day. With the exception of Resident Evil 2, I cant think of one horror game in which the sequel was better or even remotely non-idiotic. They just dont make sense! NONE OF THEM! Umm…Maniac Mansion was kinda spooky, I suppose. You can blow up the hampster in the microwave then drink a pepsi in his honor. It’s fun giving it back to the kid. Mmm…fuzzy bits.

  3. If you take a moment to check out the “About” link on the left, you’ll notice my guidelines for inclusion in the database are as follows:
    – Game must be horror themed (so no Dino Crisis or Duck Hunt)
    – Game must be on console (so no Shadow Gate or Uninvited)
    – Game may not be light gun games or hand held games (so no House of the Dead).

    Games like Devil May Cry are a tougher call. I don’t include it here because while it has “gothic themes,” it really isn’t “horror.”

    As for Chiller and Nightmare on Elm Street for NES, I’ll have to check them out before I can decide. Same goes for Galerians 2 (the first one is in the database already).

    As to games sucking: if you take the time to click on the “Statistics” link, you’ll notice that about 26% of all games in this genre are utter crap. The vast majority are only mediocre. Part of the point of playing though all the games in the horror genre is to determine what sets the good games apart from the rest. You might notice that I say this on the front page.

    If you have comments about a specific game, please post them on the page for that game. If you have other comments, please check out the forum.

  4. Touche` . Uninvited and Shadowgate are console. They were on NES. And chiller was light gun. Well..that about covered everything I had. Damn ducks and their scary ways.

  5. Ok, no Chiller then.

    I didn’t know Uninvited and Shadowgate had been ported to NES. I played those games back in the day on a Mac Plus… those were the days. That said, Shadowgate isn’t horror, so I still don’t think it belongs in the database. Uninvited may be another story… I’ll see if I can dig up info on the NES version. Thanks for the tip.

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