Echo Night: Beyond

There’s something behind you and it doesn’t need air!

I’ve just posed a review of Echo Night: Beyond, a pretty great game about a haunted (and throughly deserted) lunar space station. I wasn’t expecting it to be all that great, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and competence with which the game was executed. I think it got a pretty bad rap from reviewers; there’s really nothing wrong with the title at all other than it’s rather old-school game mechanics. Not everything can be Resident Evil 4, people!

Anyway, I’m quite glad to have played Beyond. I was a bit worried that it would not make sense unless I played the earlier games in the series, but actually it seems to be completely independent of the earlier titles. Next I may try to tackle Rule of Rose again, or maybe I’ll play something a little older, like Deep Fear.

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  1. Actually, one minor correction – to my knowledge, each (or, at least, the original and Beyond) both feature a certain Red Stone.

    Though I have yet to see the stone in Beyond, it figures fairly highly in the original – it’s the catalyst to a series of events that propels the story forward.

  2. Ah, that’s interesting. The stone indeed makes an appearance in Beyond, but not in such a way that would require the player to have played previous games. Thanks for the tip, though.

  3. Deep Fear is really old school but it has cool
    movies and great “good-bad” voice acting.
    A current generation remake would be a good idea

  4. You have no idea how glad I am to hear this. I picked up Echo Night: Beyond a couple of weeks ago in a buy 2 cheap used games, get 1 free sale and I have yet to put it into the system partially because I’m stil working on quality games like Okami & Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner and partly because I was afraid that Echo Night would disappoint me (but as long as I don’t put it in, I still retain hope). Yeah, I know, really screwy logic there. Anyway, thanks for the review. I’ll be sure to give it a whirl tomorrow.

  5. i picked up the game this past summer as a cheap used copy for like $10. before that, the bad reviews had kept me from searching for a copy and paying full price for it. i didn’t expect much when i popped it in, but i was also very pleasantly surprised.

    the game is actually REALLY fun. as you’ve said, there is no real action to speak of except for the occasional running away, but what moments we are given are usually pretty intense.

    the graphics are SUPERB. beautiful cutscenes. the sound and atmosphere are also top notch. and the story was pretty good, too. i especially loved how the two “bad” endings put a whole new twist on your character in contrast to the two “good” endings. but i won’t say anything else so as not to spoil anything. i will ask, though, if anyone else acheived all four endings? 🙂

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